What’s Your Routine?

Right now I am chipping away at a rough draft of my novel with sloth-like speed. I have set a goal of writing 4 pages a day (approx 1000 words), which I’d like to finish in 2 months.

My best writing times are early morning and, sometimes, late in the evening. I’ve taken to writing most mornings, before leaving for my full time job, since I run a high risk of losing momentum if I try to sit down in the evening. This works okay most days, except when it doesn’t. And there are a lot of factors that can derail this plan. You never know what the morning will bring. While I don’t get in as much writing as I want some days, this seems to be the most effective routine I’ve found so far:

Write as much as I can in the morning. Print out the new pages. Find time later in the day, usually before bed, to make notes and fill in spaces I took a pass on that morning. Start the next morning’s writing off with the notes and see where it takes me. (**Keep getting ready time down to a minimum, 30 minutes max.)

This has been working pretty steadily. However, it has become increasingly apparent that it will be difficult to meet my initial goal. I’m often just getting revved up when my time is up; I’ve got to pack it in and head to work.

So how do you do it? How do you juggle writing, family life, and full time jobs? What is your writing routine?


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Routine?

  1. I think your routine is a good one-taking the time to write first thing in the morning before all the little interruptions of the day kick in. It is a nice way to accomplish your goals in small bites and then to sit at night and look over your notes and ‘re-see’ your writing. I think you just have to make it a priority(after/before walking Westley, making lunch, etc. that this is your goal to write and even if it is 15 minutes squeezed in and ‘time is up’-you know that you can look forward to getting home and starting on ‘dessert’ before you go to bed.

    • I am trying to maintain it. Even when I have lots of time in the evening I’m just usually so tired from the day that I can only get small bits done. I think I may have to start getting up earlier though I’ve been trying to deny it. haha.

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